Stop letting food control your life!

I get it. You’ve been led to believe that having a carefully planned diet and exercise routine will keep you on track to losing weight and feeling great. The only problem is, it always seems like nothing is ever good enough. No matter how much weight you lose, you still don’t feel happy with your body. No matter what plan you’re on, you still feel out of control as soon as you go off-plan. You feel like you whole world revolves around food which leaves you with little time and energy to actually LIVE your life. You want to just give up but you’re afraid of what will happen if you do.

What if I told you that you can give up the dieting and weight loss without giving up on your health?

That you can feel more in control around food without all the rules than you ever did on any diet plan?

That everything you’ve been putting off “once I lose a little more” is possible NOW?

With my signature food freedom coaching programs, all of this IS possible!

Food Peace Group Coaching

This is an 8 week small group coaching program that guides you through each step of intuitive eating while providing you with a supportive community. This is a great option for intuitive eating beginners who are looking for a community that can relate to their struggles while also having a more tailored experience than a larger group can provide.

What’s included?

  • Weekly group video calls (max 10 participants)

  • Access to group messaging for additional support

  • Corresponding modules to supplement the topics of each group call

  • Optional 1:1 coaching session

To Learn more, book a free discovery call today!

End The Fight Against Your Body Today!

“Breaking down my food rules, I didn't know I had, has helped me in ways that are hard to express. My eating habits used to be feasting or fasting. Now I eat because in a way, I haven't in awhile and I want to prevent the feeling of "starving." I listen to my cravings more and it is surprising how much I want fruits and vegetables. This was the start I needed with good insight and someone to direct me without judgement.”


Hi, I’m Alex!

I’m an Anti-Diet Dietitian who uses Intuitive Eating principles to help women overcome the disordered eating habits that chronic dieting has created. I help women heal their body image & find food freedom using my signature 3 step method, which I developed using both scientific evidence & my own experience breaking free from dieting. Intuitive Eating has completely changed my life & my perception of health. I’ve now devoted my career to helping women find peace with food & connect with their bodies like never before because I truly believe that we are meant for so much more than the constant pursuit of weight loss.

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